Sorry, Alexa: Amazon Echo speakers are at the base of my listing for audio listening. Of course, I know the business has a bajillion speakers previously, but the concentrate so much has been on voice, not audio high quality. 

Probably which is about to modify. CNBC reports the business is arranging at the very least 8 new units which includes ‘a microwave oven, an amplifier, a receiver, a subwoofer, and an in-vehicle gadget’ driven by Alexa and thanks by the finish of the calendar year. Only ‘some of the devices’ will also have Alexa developed in, CNBC claims.

Placing apart the vehicle gadget and the microwave, enhanced audio high quality seems to be a concentrate of this new line. Amazon is not on your own in obtaining so-so efficiency, simply because — barring the Google Home MaxGoogle’s personal speakers have been pretty lackluster for listening to audio, as well.

It was not until finally the Sonos One sensible speaker that you could get a speaker with Alexa (and ultimately Google Assistant) that was really fulfilling to hear to. Sonos has given that embarked on a entire-residence approach, which includes the type of units that Amazon is rumored to be doing work on. But now it appears like Amazon may possibly want that identical piece of the substantial-finish audio sensible-residence pie.

Predictions about Amazon’s amp, receiver and sub


Whilst Amazon previously has an unofficial Alexa audio bar in the Polk Command Bar, it will not have any ‘pure’ audio merchandise nevertheless. Even so, we have experienced a raft of Amazon units of late from the Echo Buttons to the Echo Show, so how will these new units stand out? 

For illustration, will any of these items have a microphone onboard? To my thoughts, the amp and receiver make the most perception, as the subwoofer appears a minor redundant.

Whilst we will deal with the subwoofer soon, two merchandise appear to thoughts when considering about what an Amazon amp and receiver would be like. These are:

  • Sonos Amp: Linked amplifier with HDMI in and multiroom, BYO speakers, $599
  • Denon HEOS AVR: HDMI-switching receiver with audio decoding and multiroom, $599  


The greatest situation with the merchandise earlier mentioned, and Amazon’s greatest possibility, is value. Echo merchandise normally market for a fifth of these costs, so you can anticipate the rumored Amazon merchandise to be significantly far more reasonably priced. 

What could the receiver offer you? My colleague David Katzmaier actually liked the Fire TV Cube, a common distant and streaming box combo. If you extra far more HDMI inputs, a five.one-channel amplifier and a $299 value tag — increase! — you have the ‘Amazon Echo Receiver.’ Just insert your personal five.one speaker established and a Television set and you’ve got received a wonderful residence theater technique, assuming Amazon has carried out its research.

Receiver firms this kind of as Denon, Yamaha and Sony have produced their reputations in excess of a long time, but Amazon would be striving to contend with just a few of many years beneath its belt. Of course, the Echo is wonderful as much as its utility is anxious, but it appears like a clock radio. Amazon has a great deal to show to audio followers.


The amp is a minor tougher to pin down. I am guessing a $150-$200 amplifier bought as an Echo that makes use of your personal speakers! I am surmising it would also have Bluetooth and an optical enter in addition a 50-watt x two amplifier. The ‘Echo Amp’?

Whilst the other two merchandise appear like standalone entities, the subwoofer feels like it would be an optional further for the Present or (more recent) Echos in purchase to insert further bass. I am imagining the mini sub you get with a funds sound bar, fairly than the hulking behemoth that is the Sonos Sub. ‘Echo Sub,’ then, and if it is named anything else, I am going to get you a espresso.

How will they market?

Amazon has the income and sources to adapt a scattergun method with its merchandise and see what hits. For illustration, I cannot think about desire for an Alexa receiver is substantial, particularly presented that most AV receivers previously interface with Alexa in some way. (Hook up an Echo in the place, and you can explain to your receiver to elevate and decrease the quantity, and so forth.) Of these a few audio units, the subwoofer almost certainly has the most ‘legs.’

There is certainly yet another possible roadblock to Amazon interesting to a far more audiophile industry, and which is 1 of the firm’s personal producing. When I feel ‘Amazon brand’ I feel ‘AmazonBasics.’ Fantastic cables, but not anything you would have confidence in for parts costing hundreds of bucks. (There is certainly previously a Basics sound bar, as well, but it seems like a glorified Bluetooth speaker.)

Could it be Amazon will start some type of hello-fi brand name, possibly employing its Amazon Songs title? Or will it proceed to use the Echo title for its speakers, and all that connotes? We will uncover out before long ample. 


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